Sporeclear Concentrate

Concentrated Solution for Large Areas in the hospital (walls, floors & ceilings)

  • For all healthcare, caring, professional and public hygiene needs.
  • Product formats for non-invasive medical devices and surfaces
  • Broad spectrum efficacy with a 1 minute contact time


Sporeclear is all about fast delivery with superior efficacy

The need for rapid, thorough cleaning and disinfection is usually carried out with no precise knowledge of the pathogens that may be present on the surfaces to be cleaned.

This reality suggests that a product with the widest ability to kill across all pathogenic groups should be used and that it should be effective in dirty conditions. Cleaning and disinfection is carried out in real life situations with real life pressures which need simple to use products that work quickly. Is it really practical or achievable to keep a cleaned surface wet for even 3 minutes to ensure that every pathogen that may be present is actually killed? Many products require this and even longer.

Visibly clean is not microbiologically clean.

Having the confidence in a product’s unseen capability is key – it is the key to a safe environment and safety for the people in it. Sporeclear delivers a complete range of benefits for effective cleaning and disinfection in just 1 minute.