Excellence We Provide!

Centramed Phils. Co. is a marketing and distribution company that focuses on world class and quality hospital, medical laboratory, and industrial supplies and equipment.

The Company was first registered as Centramed Medical Supply on June 2, 1999, with the Department of Trade and Industry and it was on December 2005 that the tradename  CENTRAMED Phils. Co. was formally registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The company aims to provide high quality of medical supplies and equipment to hospitals, laboratories and other reputable institutions. We take pride in saying that our company is the only distributor that represents reputable foreign and local companies as our suppliers.

Our Mission

It is the mission of the company to continuously strive to achieve its purpose of providing the quality services on patient care through efforts of distributing innovative, state-of-the-art and technologically advanced products that satisfy customers’ needs and expectations; by maintaining the company’s system entrepreneurship with careful planning and proper implementation that will help for improvement and expansion; and in regard to the commitment to its employees, it seeks to create a good working atmosphere through activities and programs that encourage cooperation, enthusiasm, recognition, unity, equity, and personal growth and development.

Our Vision

With God the Almighty as our ultimate rock and foundation, we will work not only for the promotion of physical health but also to uplift man’s spiritual well-being geared towards nation-building.

We will be first in this realm of the industry by adopting a wider range of high quality and innovative products and excellent services beyond price that caters to the needs of the health care industry.

We will be of best services to our patients and customers with total satisfaction; caring for their well-being as a sure pledge of concern.

We will be unique among others by taking a great endeavor to build a lifetime bond of commitment to help and support a worthy global operation.

Corporate Values

We firmly believe that in order to achieve our goals in the company, we must have a collective work for success and to establish the values of financial stability. This must be in coherence with teamwork and unity, effective cooperation, social and spiritual involvement and mostly, dedicated service with high integrity.

Corporate Philosophies

We firmly believe in one GOD, the one who created the universe and has absolute power over all. What we are and what we have is because of His will, so what we will become lies on Him, and by that we are destined to move forward and succeed.

We definitely declare that as human beings, created equally by Him, were given the power of the will and intellect which can support one another to develop, strengthen and improve one’s potential.

We truly advocate to the universal laws as guiding principle in our responsibilities towards our work and our fellowmen.

We continuously support people empowerment and human rights of each individual towards worthy and productive life.