Apollo N4 (ICU)

The ICU complex application environment proposes stringent requirements for the monitors. Any minor change in the vital signs of patients may cause unintended consequences; therefore, the monitor should be able to discover and early warn various kinds of slight changes in vital signs. At the same time, according to the characteristics of diversity of critically ill patients, Apollo N4 adopts a highly integrated chip technology, with a variety of high-precision parameter modules, the monitor can work continuously and stably for a long time, to ensure the accurate measurement of various parameters.


  • 15 inch high-resolution LED backlight LCD with touchscreen;
  • High linear correlation NIBP monitoring results in different patients and environments
  • Optimized SPO2 algorithm ensures fast and accurate in low perfusion or patient movement
  • Plenty trends review records up to 168 hours for all parameters
  • 2 leads ECG optional for CCU requirement. – 112mm removeable wide range printer can output 7 waveforms simultaneously.