Vein Finder Nmed JM-260

The JM-260 is our top of the line product. Patients simply grip the hand piece placed underneath the desktop unit. The clinician applies a tourniquet to the patient’s arm. Venipuncture becomes easy.

With completely safe infrared light, patients and clinicians can rest assured. The veins are visualized crisply with clear contrast to the surrounding skin.


  • Portable, non-contact vein finder used in venipuncture, for displaying veins beneath the surface.
  • Use safe infrared light source and strong light source both, no laser, no radiation.
  • Color image clear and accurate.
  • No patient contact, no need to be sterilized after every use.
  • Easy to learn and used, just turn it on to display the veins beneath the skin.
  • Small size, fits in your hand and main unit weight only 480g.
  • Hands-free option, can be converted from hand held to hand-free quickly and easily.
  • Rechargeable battery, more than 4 hours of continuous work.
  • Works in light or dark lit environment.