Nuzone X2 Surgical Gloves

Latex Free, powder made of Polychloropene Synthetic Material Surgical Gloves& non-allergenic


Sterile Synthetic, Polychloprene, Powder-Free Surgical Gloves
Synthetic gloves that feels natural to fit total latex free environment. Best choice for latex sensitive ( Type 1).

Multilayered Technology for Safety and Comfort
Adventa Health had invented a very Unique Multilayered Polymer Coating  which enhanced and presents an incredible donning experience for the user. Medical grade polymers improve skin care.

Micromised Peak Surface
Surface of all Adventa Health surgical gloves is specially treated with micromised peak surface to enhance slip-resistance for extra grip and control during surgical procedures.

Anatomical Design

Each pair of Adventa Health gloves is anatomically designed. The curved fingers follow the natural finger shapes at rest to reduce fatigue and finger dexterity, even during rigorous procedures.

Excellent Donning & Fit
The special ergonomically designed mold produce gloves of high comfort and long wearability. The multi contoured palm and fingers ensure a comfortable and exacting for precision work.

  • Min glove length 295 mm
  • Supreme donning
  • Size available from 5.5 until 9
  • AQL 0.65 final shipment inspection
  • Shelf life 3 years
  • Beaded cuffed with good grip prevent cuff roll down
  • Excellent finger sensitivity with consistent grip
  • Sterilization by irradiation for guaranteed sterility
  • Best for Cardiothoracic, Orthopaedic