Dermistat Anti-Bacterial Hand & Body Wash

Antibacterial and hypoallergenic hand and body wash that contains Sanosil, a patented Swiss – made stabilized hydrogen peroxide using Nano Silver Technology.


Dermistat Antibacterial Handwash is a specially formulated soap containing potent antibacterial and skin moisturizing components so that hands are properly disinfected yet remains soft and smooth.

With its fragrance imported from Grasse, France, this handwash has passed the strictest standards set by top hospitals, where only high-level cleansing is accepted.

Features, Advantages, and Benefits

1. Contains Natural Plant Extract (tea tree oil) – serves as anti-bacterial component – prevent cross contamination

2. Water base hand wash – Ensures efficacy and sensitivity to skin. Gentle to skin

3. Hand or body wash – Very Convenient to use as a hand wash or body wash for patients.

Packing Details:

1 gallon, 500mL, 120mL and 60ml

With a pump dispenser for easy and convenient use.