Cornley AFT800

Product Description

Other Details:

  • 7″ colorful tft touch screen and interactive menu
  • Real time display of testing status and reviewing test results
  • Barcode scanner support for consumables and reagent
  • Sample volume: 80ul
  • Rapid test speed: less than 25 seconds
  • Large data storage: 10,000 test reports,100 qc results with l-j chart accuracy and reliability
  • Self-made maintenance free re-filling type electrode
  • Automatic one point, two points’ calibration and manual calibration
  • Automatic cleaning for sample probe
  • Clot alarm & bubble alarm function, automatic and manual clot
  • Removable function
  • Optional auto sample loader


  • Electrolyte Analyzer
  • AFT-800
  • Usage/Application-Clinical
  • User Input- Touch
  • Accuracy-+3%
  • Frequency-50 Hz
  • Large Data Storage-10,000 Test Reports
  • Sample Volume-80ul
  • Rapid Test Speed-Less Than 25 s
  • Minimum Order Quantity-6