Biobase silver Plus Semi Auto Chemistry Analyzer

Stream line design, nice appearance, Self calibration and trouble alarm function. Absolutely open system: both of programming and reagent. Warning tone for finished sipping and any other ready function. Function sketches on main menu; the software is simplicity, easy and fast operation. Real time curve monitoring enhances the reliability of result. Memory for 100 programs and 20000 test results, results tracking by date. On-broad Quality control, control results available either memory or display.


  • Easy operation by one button.
  • End point , kinetic, fixed time, multistandard, bichromatic, etc.
  • wavelength: 340/405/492/510/546/578/620nm, 2 more open filter positions, others on request.
  • With 20 incubating positions.
  • Large Memory to store 200 test programs and 1000 testing results.
  • Excellent Q.C function, Q.C chart can be stored, displayed and printed.
  • level temperature: 25℃, 30℃, 37℃ can be selected in flow cell and incubating.
  • Real time graph can be displayed and printed